This is what we’re all about. We encourage our people to bring their unique ideas, experiences and perspectives to work every day. Working together, we build inclusive teams that are creating innovative solutions and reinforcing our reputation as leaders in our industries and our communities. Wild ideas are welcome here…our people turn the best ones into reality.

Textron Employer Information Report EEO-1: 2022 | 2021 | 2020


“At Textron, I believe we can be a model of a place where people of all backgrounds and experiences work together to make great things happen. Perhaps more importantly, we can be a place where people want to be together. As a company, we will continue to take action to strengthen our efforts. We all have a role to play in making this happen.”

- Scott Donnelly, Chairman & CEO

“With the Employee Resource Groups supported by Textron and Bell, I’ve been able to network with people who I may not have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. These groups have also allowed me to gain valuable leadership experience.”

- Kiersten, Chemical Engineer, Bell

“I had considered a graduate program, but between work and family obligations, there always seemed a reason to not go back to school. But with the benefit of the Textron Educational Assistance Program, I was able to pursue, and ultimately achieve, my Master Certificate without worrying about the cost.”

- Mariquis, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain, Textron Specialized Vehicles

“We make lots of cool stuff and my job requires that I know something about all of what we produce. I do not have to be a Subject Matter Expert, but I need to know enough about our products to be able to export or import them. Without support from the top, I would not be able to do my job.”

- Edith, Director, Import/Export Global Compliance, Textron Systems

“Within Textron, you have opportunities to grow in different areas. I started my career here as a product engineer, moved to the next step as a program manager and then as a launch manager to my current role as a quality manager. Textron encourages its people to move and grow and get outside their comfort zones.”

- Dirk, Quality Manager, Kautex