Experienced Professionals

Learning is a lifelong journey. Whether you’re an established engineer looking to design the next generation of business jets, an experienced financial analyst wanting to help manage program expenses or a proven marketing professional eager to promote best-in-class products, we have a number of possibilities for you .

Our businesses offer various programs and targeted development designed for experienced professionals to broaden their skill sets, from functional development to curricula designed to transition individual contributors into leadership roles.

Are you ready to help make something real and build the next generation of machines that move people, protect soldiers, power industries and make a real difference in the world? You’re our kind of candidate.

Below is an overview of the major functions across Textron.


  • Accounting & Finance

    Textron's Accounting and Finance teams are made of versatile professionals who are involved in a broad range of activities related to financial planning and analysis and maintaining and reporting the company’s financial records.

  • Communications & Marketing

    Textron’s Marketing and Communications teams leverage creative skills such as graphic design, multi-media development and copywriting to tell the stories of our products and people.

  • Customer Service Product Support

    Textron’s Customer Service and Product Support teams interface with customers every day to ensure our products support their needs and perform at the highest caliber.

  • engineering

    Textron Engineering teams are passionate about designing and building some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

  • Flight Operations

    Textron offers an incredible range of opportunities for aviation enthusiasts to work with Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft or Bell helicopters every day.

  • Human Resources

    Textron offers a wide variety of career opportunities directly supporting more than 33,000 employees worldwide. Through hiring and managing engaged and skilled employees, we strive to continue developing a positive and inclusive company culture.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology employees across the Textron’s family of businesses develop leadership skills, business acumen and technical aptitude in disciplines such as analytics, infrastructure, SAP/ERP, cybersecurity, business intelligence, product life-cycle management (PLM), digital solutions and more.

  • Legal

    Our Legal professionals are obligated to be aware of the applicable laws that impact how we conduct business across the Textron enterprise. Compliance with both the letter and the spirit of applicable laws is fundamental to the concept of doing business properly.

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain

    As a global leading general aviation manufacturer and home of the first commercial helicopter, our Manufacturing and Supply Chain employees support the innovations that have emerged from our product development pipelines.

  • Sales

    Textron's Sales teams act as product subject matter experts and work with customers to ensure they select the product or products best suited for them.