Our people design and build some of the most advanced technologies and products the world has ever seen. We rely on our teams to work collaboratively and be creative to produce aircraft, military equipment, fuel tanks, engines, recreational and utility vehicles.

Welding, quality control, assembly and finishing are in high demand, and we want you. As a manufacturing employee you will have the opportunity to work on the variety of ground-breaking products we create, with support to grow and develop different skill-sets. Join us as we strive to push boundaries and exceed expectations.


  • Michelle
    Materials Team Leader
    Textron Specialized Vehicles

    “I make sure the correct products get to the welding department on time so that the team can weld the parts in a timely manner to keep the assembly lines running. My favorite part of my job is being part of the new products coming out.”

  • Ronald
    Production Supervisor
    Textron Systems

    “Seeing something you and your team spent so much time building come to life is very exciting.”

  • Lisa
    A&P Mechanic

    “My role is to perform structural modifications on aircraft for the installation of Bell Kits and Customizing. I have enjoyed working here for 29 years, and had the pleasure of working with a great crew of talented mechanics.”

  • Joe
    Experimental Mechanical Assembly
    Textron Aviation

    “I work in Experimental supporting structural airframe on new product development of aircraft. I enjoy working with a diverse team including Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering, Planning and all the other groups associated with new product development.”

  • Jacqueline
    Operations Supervisor
    Textron Specialized Vehicles

    “My role is to facilitate, train, coach and motivate the team. I ensure the team leaders have the appropriate tools needed to delegate to their teams. It gives me joy to witness the company move in such a positive direction knowing we as a team played a major part in that success.”

  • Carlos
    Principle Flight Test Crew
    Textron Systems

    “One of the best parts about my job is I never have a typical day. I enjoy the team I have around me and the opportunity to do something new and meaningful every day.”

Make It Happen

Spend some time with Crystal, a Wing Structure Mechanic at Textron Aviation. See her passion for the aviation industry, feel the pride she has in her team, and explore the career possibilities Textron Aviation has for you. Come feel the pride in your career and join us!